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About Us

Android is the worlds mostly used operating system in the world. Over 2 billion people use Android OS, so does there millions of contributes to the Android OS. So it really easy for brilient apps to go unoticed and really effective workarounds sleek out android users hands.

So us here in AppEDit mobile try to find out info about potentially useful apps and tricks that can make you more productive with your android device. And we AppEDit mobile also creates application solutions for problems android users has to encounter.

AppEDit mobile currently has to main contributes Thiranja Lakrandika and Isuru Nimantha and we are undergraduate at the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. And Android development is one of our main interests, and also we are huge fan of the Android system and also frequently engaging with the Android ecosystem.

Mobile devices are becoming the closest companion of ours. And I know that’s something really in debate whether it’s good or bad. Despite that, it is also true we can not ignore it whether we embrace it as either good or bad.

So AppEDitmobile is our effort to make our relationship with our mobile companion a little bit more smooth.

Here you can find our products, and also hope AppEDit mobile blog will be a very good place to learn new things about Android and mobile devices.