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Beautifully animate the Screen of your Android device while charging

beautiful animate your charging screen

The best thing that comes with the Android OS is customization. Though android OS is getting bit restricted with the latest versions of android, still there is plenty of space for customizing the feel and look of the Android OS, such as using custom launchers and icon packs.

Normally when you plugged in the phone for charging and lock the screen, the screen remains off and if you need to know the charged battery percentage you have to press a key and check for it when the screen in on.

Today I would like to share you another method to customize the look of your android device that is customizing the charging screen of your device. I found an app that is capable of doing it. That is True Amps you can access that app from this link.

The way this app work is simple when you enable charge screen animations from this app and you plugged in device for charging and lock the screen it will show a beautiful animation on your screen. The charging animations are really pleasing with AMOLED displays. This app works on all charging conditions fast charging slow charging or even wireless charging.

The app claims to do this with almost 0% utilization of CPU and also with my experience with the app I do not see a significant CPU or power use by the app. And it does not show any signs of slowing down the charging time also.

The app offers you some customization as well with the animations, you can set the size of the animation, option to have music controllers on the animated screen etc. This app has no disturbing adds as well.

However I have to note that all the animations and features are not available in the free version, but it is worth buying the pro version as well. Another good addition of the app is the ability to unlock pro features for 5 minutes with a reward add, which allows you to have a glimpse on the pro features before buying it.

So this will be a good addition to your android toys to make it look better, so try it out and let me know your opinions in the comment section below as well.

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