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How to make sure you are avoiding common typing mistakes and errors on Android

If you rely heavily on your Android device for your day to day activities, there may be some tasks that need extra attention to your language usage. Such as when replying to emails and writing social media post in English. You may have the same problem lot of other Android users already has, how to check the writings for mistakes.

We are talking about all kind of mistakes that happens with writing such as spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes and punctuation mistakes. Likely there is an app that can correct all those mistakes on your writing. We are talking about Grammarly. Grammaly is also available for android now. If you already know about using Grammely in PC you can skip the following section.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a writing checking service, it checks for mistakes in writings and suggests the correction for those mistakes. As its name suggests it can even detect grammar mistakes in writings. Not only grammar mistakes it can detect even spelling mistakes and punctuation mistakes.

So if you are doing a lot of writing tasks Grammarly is a must-have tool for you, which can save you a ton of time and effort. Grammarly has its own text editor where you can write on or it can be integrated with any of your favourite word processing software. And it also works with almost all websites as it can be integrated with all the browsers as a browser plugin.

Grammarly for Mobile

Grammarly has released a keyboard app for android. Once you installed the Grammarly keyboard and switch to the Grammarly keyboard, every time you writing something Grammarly automatically detect if there are any mistakes on your writings and suggest you the corrections for those mistakes.

Correcting mistakes in text using Grammarly keyboard

When you are typing with Grammarly keyboard it automatically corrects spelling mistakes. All punctuation mistakes and grammar mistakes will be prompt to you with corrections in a little bubble above the keyboard, which you can tap on and easily correct them.

Somehow if you needed to change the keyboard back to the previous one, you can also do it by holding the space bar which will prompt you to change the input keyboard.

So if you are also interested in making writings mistake-free visit Grammarly from here and create an account and get the app for your mobile.

You can also see Grammarly on action from this video.

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