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Best Alarm app to get you out of bed doesn’t matter how heavy your sleep is?

best alarm app for heavy sleepers

Some people are happy with their Android or IOS inbuild alarm app, and some don’t need an alarm at all. And there is a huge chunk of society which doesn’t belong to either of these groups. The best possible reason you are reading this is you are one of those heavy sleepers.

Ignoring an alarm is not a simple thing, Getting late to work constantly, or finding out you are 1 hour late for a one of your most special occasion already being on the bed. Such things can change your entire life. And most bosses out there are not ready to accept it as an excuse.

So here I’m going to introduce a simple app that can solve this problem, and I’m using this app for a few years now and it never disappoints me. The name of the app is I Can’t Wake UP and it is available in both Android and IOS.

Well if the soft sounds of the default alarm app are, literary too soft to you, Simply switch to a heavy noise that you can not ignore like an emergency alarm. If you think it is still not loud enough to wake you up, you can also use the setting for “Extra loud” which will create a loud sound you never thought your mobile phone will produce.

Ok, the first concern of you once you see the above fact is that you will have a terrible wake-up with thrown away from the bed. Of cause, you can have it if you wish, but if it isn’t you can use the “Smooth Wake UP” option which will gradually increase the volume of the alarm, without giving you a sudden shock

alarm options of I can't wake UP
Alarm Options

Still not happy? Then you are a snoozer who just keeps snoozing the alarm or turn off the alarm completely, even without being fully conscious about what you are doing. Stil there is help, and this is the most interesting part of the app also.

You can select some tasks to complete when the alarm clock is ringing when setting the alarm. And you can not snooze or turn off the alarm without completing those tasks. By the time you complete those tasks, you are fully conscious and you know that you need to wake up right now.

And there are few kinds of tasks you can set for your alarm with I can’t wake UP such as Math tasks, Rewrite tasks and Shake tasks. You can choose any kind of task that you think suits best for you.

Different tasks available

And the coolest part is you can adjust the difficulty of each task, as you wish, So you do not need to spend all morning for solving random math problems to turn off the alarm or complete a one-digit addition and sleep again.

Apart from I Can’t Wake UP, there are few other apps such as Alarmy, Timely and Sleep Cycle that serve the same purpose with slightly different approaches, If you feel like I Can’t wake UP is not for you try out one of those.

So we love to hear your opinion about these apps, will these help you to wake up? and what is the best alarm app according to you?

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