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Android Internet Usage Monitoring – Who consume all the data from your Network

data used by apps

Internet is no longer the mysterious thing we experience in our childhood. It is everywhere now, it is seemingly impossible to find a place without an internet connection anywhere in the globe.

And we already had super-fast internet connections, no one is seeing a dialogue box saying it takes 35 years to complete the downloading today just as in the ’90s.

With this advancements, everybody uses the internet, including the app on our mobile phones. That may results in a good experience for you as you can experience new and fresh things constantly as the things get updated constantly. But it’s not the same case with your internet bills, especially when you are using mobile data. And having too many apps that run in the background and killing your bandwidth can cause you to experience the 90’s internet.

So tracking data usage is good for both your bills and also for the internet speed. But the real problem is the inbuild Data Usage monitoring system in android is really the most primitive thing someone can think of when thinking about tracking the data usage.

It only can only show the data usage of the device in the last 30 days, that’s all. And that thing is already there in your monthly bill, and nothing is needed for that. So clearly we need an alternative like Konnekt.

Konnekt is a really powerful tool for monitoring the data usage and it has the following features.

  • Track data usage according to any time interval like daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Monitor data usage mobile data and WiFi data separately.
  • Monitor data usage in each sim separately.
  • Track the data usage in every app in your device separately.
  • Track data usage in both system apps and user install apps and uninstall user apps that consume so much data gives very little value for you directly from Konnekt.
  • If there are system apps that use too much data and you rarely used or not used at all, as they can not be uninstalled you have the option to force stop them within the Konnekt app.

Konnekt is one of the best apps in data usage monitoring but it doesn’t mean it only serves that, It is one of the best network tools available in the play store, here are few key main features of Konnekt instead of data usage tracking,

  • Performing Internet speed test( With build-in Ookla speed test you get the most advanced internet tests)
  • View information about your WiFi connection, such as (router information and device network interface information)
  • Easily access router gateway, and tweak settings of the WiFi router quickly from your mobile

Give it a try from this link – Konnekt – get it now from Google Play

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